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Because Every Breath Counts

The specialists at Breathe Clinic help those who have difficulty breathing manage their symptoms and enhance their physical activity. The Pulmonary Rehabilitation program at Breathe Clinic offers superior rehabilitative care to people with respiratory disorders. It is a program of exercise, education and support to help patients improve breathing and function, so they can participate in daily routine activities at the highest possible level.

As a patient in the Breathe Clinic’s Pulmonary Wellness Rehabilitation Program, you’ll work with a team of specialists who will help you improve your physical condition.

We are dedicated to improving your quality of life by helping you:

  • Understand your condition.
  • Learn coping strategies.
  • Improve physical capabilities.
  • Develop an increased sense of well being.

Our individualized assessments, treatment plans, patient and family education, exercise training and behavioral interventions help you explore every option.

With proper supervision, exercise helps reduce the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Our state-of-the-art exercise facility helps us perform an assessment of your condition, determine appropriate physical activity levels for you and tailor an exercise plan to fit your needs. Our team will show you how to implement an appropriate exercise plan so you can optimize your ability to function in your daily activities.

Statistics show that people who engage in a pulmonary rehabilitation program are less likely to be hospitalized than those who do not.


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Friday 9:00 – 4:00pm


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