Oxygen Qualification Test

Know Your Options

Breathe Clinic provides testing to determine if a patient qualifies for long term home oxygen services. If you have a condition that would benefit from oxygen therapy, there are important factors to consider. There must be well documented evidence of your medical condition to qualify for home oxygen therapy through your insurance or medicare.

An Oxygen Qualification Test provides some of that documentation. This assessment is performed by placing a small probe on your finger to monitor your oxygen levels. If your level is low, then an arterial blood gas will be performed. If your blood oxygen level falls within a certain range, a walking test may be performed.

During the walking test, you’ll walk with a probe on your finger while breathing in room air. If your oxygen levels drop for a specific period of time, you’ll be placed on oxygen and allowed to rest for five to ten minutes. During this time we will be continuously monitoring your oxygen levels.

In some cases if the blood oxygen level falls below a specific level, a walking test is not performed. In this situation, you would be placed on oxygen and continuously monitored without performing a walking test.


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