Pulmonary Functions Test

Because No Two Patients Are Alike

Breathe Clinic provides state-of-the-art Pulmonary Function Tests to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the lungs.

These tests are performed to:

  • Diagnose lung diseases
  • Determine oxygen needs
  • Help manage breathing problems

Pulmonary Function Tests are also important because they help with early detection of lung disease before symptoms develop. They also help monitor the progression of lung disease.

There are several types of Pulmonary Function Tests:


This test determines how well the lungs exhale. It is performed by breathing into a mouthpiece connected to a spirometer. After inhaling as much air as possible, you’ll blow out as hard as you can into the spirometer for one second. The amount of air you can force out is called your forced expiratory volume.

Lung volume

This test is performed by breathing nitrogen or helium gas through a tube. The concentration of gas is then measured to determine how much air the lungs can hold.

DLCO test

This test assesses how well the lungs transfer oxygen from the air into the bloodstream. It is performed by a short breath of carbon monoxide and measuring the amount of the gas in your exhaled breath. This shows how quickly gas transfers from your lungs into your bloodstream.


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